Why Do you Love Crozet? Part 1

I’m working on a story entitled “What do you love about Crozet?” and it’s coming, but I got detoured by Patricia’s thoughtful comment on the facebook post. (bolding mine)

We are at an interesting time in Crozet; my goal with this post and the next (and really, with many of the posts here) is to highlight our community, focus on it, and not lose sight of what makes Crozet such a special to live.

There was a page somewhere on here and someone said about the new building going up behind the old post office, “It’s about time for Crozet to get a classy business!” That burnt me, that’s belittling Sal’s Pizza, Crozet Hardware, IGA, Fisher Auto Parts, Crozet Barber Shop,…some of our longtime businesses.

They are part of what makes up Crozet. They are very classy people and businesses! They are part of the reason why people wanted to move here, small town community, their hospitality (how we were raised to be). How often do, not all, but many of the new comers speak to the middle to lower class people here? Not often enough! I’m very out going, know many people, old and new, in Crozet because of where I work.

I can speak and say hello or hold a door open and not get anything from many of these people.
*You should always acknowledge people you are walking past, smile, greet them, it shouldn’t matter if rich, poor or in between. It doesn’t have to be a full blown conversation, although you might find something in common with them or that they are funny and make you smile!

*You should be courteous and let someone go in front of you with a few items at the store or let a car pull out every now and then that’s sitting at a stop sign and lots of traffic coming by!

*You should be respectful on our town roads to bicyclists as bicyclists should to car drivers (you can’t always see out of every spot in a car and bikers should keep it in mind at all times. As well as pedestrians in parking lots, stop and wait if you see a vehicle backing up!)
*Know that many people in our community will stop, turn off the radio and sit quietly when a funeral procession comes through, out of respect!) So be understanding and respectful.

I think the big change is so many coming in and not acknowledging us or trying to get to know people from all over Crozet and feel we are being taken over/run over by outsiders. Take time to get to know people in all areas of Crozet! People here may not drive the fanciest car, wear the most expensive clothes, unless gotten at the Olive Tree, or live in a house or fancy house, but they might be very classy and would do anything they could to help a neighbor anywhere in. Crozet!

That’s what Crozet is about, everyone speaking to, helping and including everyone!!!

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4 Replies to “Why Do you Love Crozet? Part 1”

  1. I have lived in Crozet for exactly one year and am sad that some of the newcomers are so rude. While I welcome appropriate new places to poke around or eat in, the real reason I love living here is that all of the people are genuinely nice. Everywhere I go I find folks that are so friendly and helpful from the butcher at Great Value to the hardware store staff to the folks who I chat with at Fardownwers when I am having lunch. I would hate for growth to ruin that.

  2. What I love about Crozet is the people who make this a great place to live. Here’s just 5.
    1. Kim Gunther and the Park Board who continue to improve Crozet Park. Simply amazing.
    2 Jessica Mauzy and her Crozet Trails Crew, who working with Dan Mahan from the county have been building a series of trails for use by our residents.
    3. Ann Malleck, our current Supervisor, who has been steadfast in her support for Crozet.
    4. Bill Schrader and his library committee who raised over 1 million dollars to furnish the new Crozet Library.
    5. Tim Tolson, president of the Crozet Community Association and past member of the Crozet Community Advisory Council, not to forget he also Chairs the Fourth of July celebration.

    I’m sure there are many others missing who play an important role in making Crozet the great place to live and this is not to mention the other important organizations i.e. WARS, Crozet Volunteer Fire Dept, Lions Club, Crozet Women’s Club, CCA, CCAC, Methodist Church food pantry who do so much for Crozet.

    1. What you are doing is telling who you like when the fact is that Crozet was already great before these people started having any effect on it. The conflict of interest that some of these people have and the change they are trying to bring to Crozet is something that is not appreciated by all. The Independence day
      Fireworks and Parade has been a long standing tradition, Long
      before the tract housing and the Developers found this place…

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