Crozet Schools, Growth, Population

I’m happy that Charlottesville Tomorrow is dedicating more time and resources to covering Crozet. Make time to click through and read these stories in their entirety; this is important stuff.

School officials look west as Crozet growth continues

The county’s Crozet Master Plan calls for a 2030 population of 12,000. County staff in February estimated that Crozet has 6,854 residents and could have 7,786 by 2020 if current building trends hold.

For White Hall District School Board member David Oberg, that is not a good sign.

“I see a train wreck, honestly,” he said. “All you have to do is walk up to Old Trail after Henley Middle School lets out and see the 50 or 60 kids who are walking between Henley and Grit Café to see how many kids are in that neighborhood. It is packed.”

That isn’t lost on school division planning officials, said Dean Tistadt, county schools’ chief operating officer.

Continued development puts pressure on Crozet’s master plan

As Albemarle officials wrestle with increasing population trends, many are watching to see if Crozet’s future will match the vision within its master plan.

One major completed element of the Crozet Master Plan is the new Crozet Library, which recently celebrated its third birthday. Since then, more than 439,000 people have visited.

“As you have probably noticed, there’s a lot going on in downtown Crozet since the library opened,” said John Halliday, director of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library. “Is it a coincidence?”

Across Library Avenue, construction crews are working on the four-story Piedmont Place, which is being built by developer Drew Holzwarth across the street.

The two buildings complement the completion of both a Crozet streetscape and improvements to Jarmans Gap Road that are intended to make the downtown area a walkable or bikeable destination from neighborhoods like Old Trail and Grayrock to the west.



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