RealCrozetVa Facebook – Nearly end of January 2017

For those not on the Facebook …

CCAC Meeting Recap – 18 January 2017

Short agenda, relatively short meeting, punctuated by post-meeting beer at Smoked. Good meeting last night, despite the very few members of the public in attendance.


While short, a lot of good information and context was shared. Please take the time to click all the way through to the end, and read the tweets to the top.

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Board Games & Card Games

by Paul Stadig

I enjoy playing modern, designer board games (the most recognizable examples being Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic), and I also like getting to know others in Crozet. It was natural to combine these two. That is how I started Crozet Games, a fun, casual, beginner friendly gaming meetup in Crozet.

In my opinion, modern, designer board games tend to be more fun. There’s more strategy and less reliance on luck. There are many new games coming out every year with a rich variety of complexity, themes, and mechanics. There are even kids games that adults can also enjoy. However, for me, games are always about socializing and getting to know others.

My vision is two distinct monthly gaming groups: one on a Saturday for all ages at the library where (with or without kids) families and people of all ages can play games together, and the other on a weeknight for adults to have a night out playing games at a rotation of venues around Crozet.

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Crozet Real Estate Conversation – Looking back at 2016, forward to 2017

The Crozet real estate market … David Ferrall and Jim Duncan (that’s me!) met at PRN last week and talked about the Crozet real estate market in 2016, and speculated a bit about the 2017 market.

But the conversation is never about just real estate … we also talked about businesses that have opened in Crozet (Smoked Kitchen & Tapnée Smoked BBQ, Morsel Compass, Blue Ridge Bottleshop in Piedmont Place), changes (Southern Way moved from its spot across from Starr Hill to the old Three Notch’d Grill building, Great Valu changed hands), our favorite charities, and of course, our love for Pro Re Nata brewery.

All in under 6 minutes! Questions about the market? Ask us, or stop by PRN on 19 January at 5pm.

Close 250 for Two Weeks, Or Slow-Go for Several Months?

via email: (bolding mine)

CULPEPER — The Virginia Department of Transportation invites the public to attend an upcoming design public hearing on the proposed replacement of the Route 250 (Ivy Road) bridge over Little Ivy Creek in Albemarle County.

The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 10 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Mount Calvary Baptist Church, 3045 Morgantown Road, Charlottesville.

Update from VDOT/Facebook

$500K. Closing for two weeks is $500K cheaper than single-laning for months.

The Facebook post accompanying this post was useful, and engaging. Thank you so much to VDOT for listening & responding on Facebook & Twitter. Their being where many of the people were was great.

Update 2

Facebook & VDOT engagement on RealCrozetVA
Facebook & VDOT engagement on RealCrozetVA

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Crozet Transforms from Suburban Outpost to Health and Fitness Epicenter

While lovely suburban neighborhoods, mountain vistas, and excellent schools have been the hallmark of Crozet’s popularity, a new scene is helping to shape Crozet population both figuratively and literally – Health and Fitness. For a town with a relatively small population, the number of community assets to support our health and fitness reflects the high demand.

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A Fit Crozet

Crozet is a fit place.

As frequently happens, I was answering a question for a buyer client moving to Crozet – “where are the gyms and yoga in Crozet?” I started rattling off the a litany of such places; that led to my asking the question on the Crozet FB page.

Crozet, while not a town, is becoming more and more self-sufficient; going to Charlottesville is less necessary (unless you know, for a job). I’m hoping that Perrone Roboticsmove to downtown Crozet will be a big jumpstart for the “needing jobs in Crozet” aspect.**

That said … (let me know what I/we missed!)

Fitness/workout/healthy things to do in Crozet

*I know some people do new year resolutions, so hopefully this will help fulfill some of those!

**Maybe next time Crozet/Albemarle have a shot at a Deschuttes or Stone brewery, they won’t flub that opportunity. 


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