A Thought on Growth in Crozet

as seen on the Crozet Nextdoor, and posted with permission:

Looks like the Earth movers are in place at 1166 Blue Ridge Ave. William Park gets his wish & one of Crozet’s oldest neighborhoods gets sold out for a cheap apt complex. “The Vue” 130 units shoehorned on less than 5 acres which is zoned for no more than 30 total. They gamed every zoning loophole possible in maximizing density & profit. Public safety & quality of life in this little town gets brushed aside.

Ann Mallek (annmallek.com) has the nerve to praise The Vue in the name of the master plan & as a way to deflect criticism for rightfully refusing to expand zoning on the Adelaide property on Rt 250. Why is it an ‘either or’ when they are both bad for Crozet & there are great solutions under our noses?

She is having a town hall so we can ask her ourselves along with great questions like “Why would we ever vote for you again?” this Saturday, March 24. White Hall Community Building. 10 am – noon. Garth Road and White Hall Road. 2904 Browns Gap Turnpike. Thanks for listening. I wish this was the end of rant.

Some background on the Vue, for those unawares.

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One Reply to “A Thought on Growth in Crozet”

  1. Presumably, the developer of the Vue is not doing it just because he/they can. They expect to fill those 120+ apartments. Won’t it be nice to have new residents very near downtown Crozet? More foot traffic at Crozet Pizza, Piedmont Place, the Mudhouse, Green Coffee House etc. The children of those buildings will naturally gravitate to the Library, Crozet Creamery, etc. And they’ll go to school; which means the County, State, and Fedgov will provide more resources. Headcounts count. Some of the apartments may be investments; which means more stay-in-Crozet options for out of town visitors.

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