CCAC Recap – March 2018

Another interesting meeting. Really. I’m using a new tool, wakelet, to aggregate the tweets. It’s not as user-friendly, but it’s what I have.

  • They’re still talking about the wireless tower that might be coming to WAHS
  • CCAC invited school board members to meeting previously, and none came?
  • Master Plan discussion
    • Redevelopment will be coming
    • Centurylink & Comcast are expanding service; I heard them mention Greenwood
    • One audience member called out the CCAC – said they’ve talked for 3 meetings about all the good data they have, but haven’t done anything.
    • I never hear anyone propose how to pay for things.
    • Discussion about the trails (more focus & energy need to be put on the trails; they are an exceptional part of Crozet – and since no roads or bike lanes are going to be built, the trails need to be more of an essential part of infrastructure.
      • Why, why, why, is the connection from Cory Farm to the downtown Crozet side not in place?
    • Freddy Wineberg from Foxchase rose to advocate for more infrastructure, that’s not solely automobile centric. (paraphrasing – “we are a lesser community if we a building where we have to get in cars.“)

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