Crozet Indoor Sports Facility

My quick thought: Crozet needs this. “Where” is going to be an interesting challenge.


by Justin & Jessica Byrd

Last Saturday, July 28, we officially launched the website for Crozet Sports and shared it with the western Albemarle community through various social media sites.  The vision and journey for Crozet Sports, however, began late last year. Our family moved to Crozet in July of 2015 and immediately joined the athletic community in both baseball and soccer.  As our kids got older, their athletic interests expanded. As we drove to our increasing number of sporting events, we routinely discussed how amazing it would be to have more field space and athletic events right here in Crozet.  That conversation transitioned to include the need for indoor options that could be utilized year-round and before we knew it Crozet Sports was born!

In case you haven’t heard yet, Crozet Sports is a community-oriented sports organization that will serve the growing athletic and health needs of the western Albemarle community.  Crozet Sports will feature an indoor sports training facility and will offer an array of athletic opportunities for the youth athlete and active adult.

Early in this journey we connected with leaders of local youth sports organizations.  With their feedback as well as valuable input from our real estate development team we have brought our vision to life!

The Indoor Sports Facility will feature the following

  • Indoor turf fields designed for lacrosse, soccer, football and field hockey
  • Multi-purpose hard courts to be used for basketball and volleyball
  • Indoor cages, pitching tunnels, and training areas for baseball and softball
  • State-of-the-art locker rooms including oversized lockers for equipment
  • Student-athlete classrooms
  • Sports performance training and functional fitness areas
  • Mezzanine level including a sports lounge and viewing gallery for families, fans, and community events
  • ……and much more!!

We will strive to provide the youth of our community with the resources they need to develop in the sports they love and the opportunity to play year-round.  Our focus is also on growing the character of each of our youth athletes as they learn the value of hard work, discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and integrity through training and playing sports.

We are also excited to share that starting late fall, the Crozet Sports Academy will begin offering sports camps and clinics in Crozet!  Offerings will include instructional youth clinics for baseball, softball, soccer, football, and a number of other sports based on community interest.  Registration for these clinics will be announced both on our website and through our social media pages.

Since announcing our launch, we have heard from many in our community who have embraced our vision.  There are so many individuals and families who are as excited about this facility as we are and we want to hear from you!  At this time Crozet Sports is conducting an interest survey to gain feedback from residents in Albemarle County. The site location of the indoor facility is to be determined but will be located in western Albemarle.  We strongly encourage everyone who is interested in this facility to complete the survey. Community feedback is important to the design process and to ensure that the facility meets the athletic needs of our community.   

Please visit our website to learn more and complete the survey as we continue the development of an indoor sports facility to serve the growing athletic needs in western Albemarle County.  To stay up to date on the facility development and our sports academy offerings, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @CrozetSports and Instagram. We also need your help getting the word out!  Please share our website, survey and social media sites with your friends!


Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving our community.


Justin & Jess Byrd


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2 Replies to “Crozet Indoor Sports Facility”

  1. there is a outdoor field for a reason i do not want a rich person to come build a fancy field its dumb. and i do not like rich people that want a indoor field its for lazy people.

  2. Sorry, Crozet has been reserved for the rich or those with exceptional credit.
    Coming from the northeast and the ability to not say anything are also accepted
    in lieu of being rich or having exceptional credit…

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