Montclair at the Planning Commission – 26 July 2022

Montclair will be at the Albemarle County Planning Commission on 26 July at 6pm. Hopefully via Zoom, but likely in person.

Information on the meeting will be at the County’s website.

  • If you are in favor of housing that allows more people of more income and wealth levels to live in Crozet, I’d encourage you to attend this meeting, or voice your opinion in favor of more housing.
  • If you’re opposed to more housing for more people, I suspect this is already on your radar and neighborhood listservs and Nextdoors.

I’d wager if Albemarle and VDOT would add appropriate infrastructure when they approve developments, I’d wager they’d get some more support from adjacent homeowners.

As an aside, I wish I could find citation for the most egregious “argument” against this development made by a neighbor.

In January I wrote

The rezoning/land use 101 given by Cameron with Albemarle County was really good; I recommend people watch it.

They are proposing a rezoning to allow for 157 homes. 

Crozet needs new housing, but also needs supporting infrastructure and businesses to keep Crozetians in Crozet, and going to work not in cars (bikes, walking). Trails need to connect to downtown Crozet and other neighborhoods so that people aren’t forced to drive. 

From the January CCAC meeting

In March I wrote

Through my lens representing buyers, from $200,000 and up well be on that, Charlottesville needs affordable housing. It’s not a nice to have. It’s an absolute, desperate, need.

And from the Crozet Gazette

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