Verizon Still Trying to Provide Better Service in Greenwood

Still trying after a couple of years …

Allison Wrabel wrote in January 2021 about Verizon’s efforts, and neighbors’ counter efforts.

I wrote in June about how Verizon was still trying to provide better cell service to people in and around Greenwood.

You can watch the Community Meeting below: (it had 8 views when I watched it; it’s 35 minutes long)

As of 25 July:

Next steps for the application are hearings with the Albemarle County Planning Commission on August 9, and the Board of Supervisors on 5 October.

Crozet Gazette wrote on 11 July of 2022 about the continued efforts.

If you’re supportive or opposed to this, you can reach out to our Supervisor Ann Mallek, the Board of Supervisors, and Bill Fritz:

copy and paste this into your email address line: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

My opinionated snark: if the people without broadband on good cell coverage in Greenwood need that coverage to work or do homework, they can always go to the Greenwood Community Center. on Monday or Wednesday.

You can use the free Wi-Fi anywhere outside Greenwood – from the parking lot, the outdoor shelter, or the baseball field.

If you’d like to use the Wi-Fi inside the Center, you can reserve a time slot for your family.

Available slots are Monday and Wednesday

8:30am to 10am,10:30 am to 12 pm,1pm to 2:30pm, 3pm to 4:30pm.

To reserve one of these time slots, please call (434) 466-3389 or email [email protected].

COVID safety precautions will be utilized inside the building, including temperature checks, screening questions, and face coverings.

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