CCAC Meeting – 9 November 2022

Seemingly not much on the Crozet Community Advisory Committee agenda for November; we’ll see.

Crozet Community Advisory Committee Wednesday, November 9, 2022

7:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. Crozet Library Meeting Room |


  1. Call to Order, Agenda Review, Introductions (5 minutes) Joe Fore, CCAC Chair
  2. Approve Meeting Minutes (2 minutes) Joe Fore, CCAC Chair
  3. Announcements and Updates (5 minutes)
  4. Committee Business (5 minutes) • •
  5. Scheduled Presentations (75 minutes)
    • CAC/County staffing and operations, Emily Kilroy and Serena Gruia
    • Crozet Trails Crew, Terri Miyamoto

via email from CCAC Chair Joe Fore

The Crozet Community Advisory Committee will meet this Wednesday, November 9, at 7 pm in the large meeting room at the Crozet Library. I have attached the agenda and the draft minutes from our last meeting. (If you can arrive a few minutes early to help set up the room, it will help ensure that we can start promptly at 7.)

We will have two scheduled presentations. First, in a fitting follow-up to last month’s discussion about our internal operations, we’ll discuss CAC operations and staffing with Emily Kilroy and Serena Gruia from the County. Second, we’ll hear from the Crozet Trails Crew about their recent and future projects. 

We’ll also consider a resolution to let the committee meet virtually in a way that complies with state law. I’ll circulate a copy of that proposed resolution before the meeting. 

Lastly, I wanted to pass along an update regarding the White Gate Farm/Montclair stream, shared by Eric Schmitz (who joined us for our September meeting). The environmental consultants hired by the County have confirmed that there is, indeed, an “intermittent” stream, which is entitled to protection under County ordinances. Frank Pohl, the County Engineer, issued the attached letter, agreeing with that determination and noting that the stream and the corresponding stream buffers will be added back to the County’s maps.


Update: here’s the draft language for the virtual meeting proposal (tl;dr – only three meetings a year are allowed)

The Tweets from the meeting.

I’m trying something new with this post. WordPress has an”unroll tweet” feature that I just discovered. I’m thinking this might be a more helpful display, as importing them here means that they will remain archived — here. Also thinking it might be helpful for me to go through and bold tweets/information that I think should be called out. Thoughts from readers?

CCAC. #ccac1022

Small group.

Boom. We have a quorum. 8 here; 15 members, one vacancy.

Minutes are approved.


Year out from master plan, staff turnover.

Joe wants to use this meeting as level-setting, goals, for CCAC.

And @CrozetGazette is streaming the meeting.


Joe: How are we doing now, what should we be doing?

What do we & the County want to accomplish?

With our charge, what do we do?

I’m thinking of this in the context of the Rivanna Village CAC resigning.



Ann Mallek giving history of the CCAC.

CAC should give input to Board & County staff.

Much came to a head when Old Trail was rezoned in 2005.


Joe – asking about some of the concerns about BoS members thoughts re: CACs

Ann – talking about BoS concerns re: CACs taking votes, and about being “right and polite”

Allie – (missed it)

Mark – talking about comments re: Crozet being “special” (my word & “”)


Me: talking about CAC not having legislative weight; that is held by the BoS.

Valerie: (I think we agreed)


To be fair, (2016 numbers), Crozet have received a lot of money via CIP.

Wish I could quickly pull this now.


Ann –

People should always participate in meetings, BoS, CCAC, any that you can; voices & presence matter


Joe –
Sometimes, we have informational meetings, town hall meetings, re: proposals (Montclair, old dominion, etc). Re: different roles of the CCAC

Asking Allie for historical perspective, value to community.


Allie –

It’s best for the community to be informed and aware.

We’ve had good discussions, & we were more self-governed before County laid down guidelines recently


Me: the master plan can change.


Ann –

They are going to General Assembly to try to get hybrid meetings.


Joe to Tim Tolson –

When has CCAC been best? (paraphrase)

Tim reflecting how CCAC was originally a “Council” until the BoS felt that gave CAC too much perceived weight, and how the CCAC was self-run and administered for a long time.

Seeking balance b/t County & CAC


Tim –

Channeling Tom Loach – CACs should meet also to get a voice.

All the other growth areas have 2 supervisors, Crozet has one.

We got $, but we got growth too.


Mark –

Would there be appetite for quarterly meeting of CAC chairs & BoS?

(Good idea, IMHO)

Allie – we’ve done that, & there’s supposed to be annual CAC meeting. It never really got off the ground.


Mark –

Is there a way that we could highlight at end of meetings agenda items that are coming to a head for Crozet.

Me: I try to search agendas for crozet, Greenwood, etc, but it’s labor-intensive & time consuming.


Joe –

We could shift to do those at beginning of meetings to get attention.

Mark: We have the PC rep & that’s really powerful.


Me: I really want the CCAC to advocate for more housing. And infrastructure.


Talking process of learning & informing about upcoming Crozet projects, etc.


Joe – what have we been doing well and not well?

Valerie – suggests better follow up on master plan/goal implementation.


Michael –

Talking about annual meeting with staff and CAC to check on status of projects.


Looking at the CCAC charge (couldn’t find this until just now)


Mark –

Talking about the CAC role to understand the gov’t process, how things work, why things take time (used Tabor not having sidewalk as example)


Discussion about getting people involved, informational meeting.

Joe – talking about his and my frustration re: people coming for the part of the meeting that affects their neighborhood, and leaving immediately when that topic is over.


(There’s more to Crozet than your backyard)


I said things. Couldn’t tweet and speak.


I referenced this story I wrote years ago.


Joe –

What should we be talking about?

Mark – we need to help get fireworks back.


Joe – we are charged to work on placemaking.

The one of two members of the public speaks up. She’s been here for 24 years.

She’s interested in figuring out if there’s a place in Crozet where her disabled daughter can find affordable housing.


Discussion about the neighborhood overlay.


Discussion about community, NIMBY, I mentioned tribalism, coming together.


Almost. Typed too fast. Talking about onboarding of new members & foundational knowledge.


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  1. How can a person that has NO experience in development and lives on a farm that I rode my horses on as a child and was zoned and has streams, lakes, etc and find it is not possible for another small farm?

  2. You live on the farm that was over the railroad tracks all my life! Get over it or stop developing in Crozet – how can you pick one place over another? This is a law suit for sure. Every farm around my farm has been build on.

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