Monthly Albemarle County Check-In – February

The new Public Engagement folks at Albemarle County are going to be sending out these monthly check-ins to the Albemarle County CACs. Much of it is relevant to those of us in Crozet, so I’ll post when I receive them.

Perhaps most importantly is the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan bit … this will affect the community greatly (and hopefully we’ll get more and more dense housing! as well as functional infrastructure!


Traffic Townhalls

You are invited to attend upcoming town hall events focused on traffic issues in our area. These events will provide an opportunity for residents to learn more about current traffic concerns, ask questions, and provide feedback. Each event will include the same primary information, with a short segment focused on the area where the event takes place.

View the Budget Presentation

County Executive’s Presentation to the Board – Recommended Budget and Capital Improvements Program. There is a virtual option to watch, and the video will be available after the meeting.

Parent+Child Winter Dance at Greenwood Community Center

Families are invited to have a good time and enjoy music from a DJ, plenty of yummy snacks, drinks, fun games, and a raffle. Registration is not required. The cost is $10 per family (cash-only, pay at the door).


AC44 (The Comprehensive Plan Update Project)  ((Jim’s note: more on this in a soon-to-publish post))

The Comprehensive Plan is used to guide decisions on public infrastructure and funding, plans, and programs, and review of some development applications. We are updating the Plan because it is required by the state and it’s a way to respond to the changing needs of our community. Khalilah and Allison are working with your CAC Chairs to bring a high-level AC44 presentation and discussion opportunity to your February or March meeting.

Zoning Modernization Project

The Zoning Ordinance regulates how land is used, designed, and developed. This multi-year project will create modern, user-friendly regulations that align with the ongoing Comprehensive Plan update.


Transportation Updates

On behalf of Engage Albemarle,

Serena Gruia

Public Engagement Coordinator

Stay Informed and Join the Conversation

As an aside, the search functionality on Albemarle County’s site is laughably abysmal.

Searching for the CCAC site, I was happily reminded that they fixed it so that searching for CCAC returns the CCAC page, but searching for Crozet Community Advisory Committee was … less relevant.

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