When Do Homes Come on the Market in Crozet?

Interesting to think that we might be seeing even less inventory this year in Brownsville + Crozet school districts.

Our market is driven largely by the school calendar, whether that’s Albemarle County schools, private schools, or UVA.

It’s been an interesting 2023.

As I wrote on RealCentralVA:

It’s been a challenging year(s) for buyers in the Charlottesville area. While it’s been this way for years, the past three years have been exceptionally hard.

  • Continued low inventory
  • High prices
  • Higher interest rates than a generation of buyers have seen
  • 42% of American homeowners don’t have mortgages
  • The baby chasers are having an impact on the market

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# in 2023511252727
# in 2022 (217)131027313328
* single family + attached, resale, Brownsville + Crozet, excluding new construction

What is the Crozet real estate market doing right now?

The best answer is the one I’ve said for most of my career – I’ll tell you in 18 months what happens tomorrow, combined with “I don’t know, but I’m trying to figure this out.” No one knows with certainty, but I think I have a reasonably educated and experienced prognostication.

number of new listings in Brownsville + Crozet and % of total (217)
number of new listings in Brownsville + Crozet and % of total (217)

How many homes will come on the market that will fit you?

In 2017, I wrote a story laying out an answer to this question for Charlottesville, and for Albemarle. The logic and rationale remains the same, but the numbers have changed.

So have prices.

In Crozet, getting to “good enough” might take longer, or shorter, than you might like.

There comes a time in every home search process (and often the home selling process) where one says “this is good enough.”

Arriving at the point of whatever you want to call it – concession, compromise, acquiescence, acceptance, or, to use a positively-connoted descriptor – satisfied – is hard.

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  1. Might want to help get white gate farm rezoned so some building can start instead of depriving young adults a chance to own a home

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