Crozet’s Real Estate Market Update – Spring 2017

David Ferrall and Jim Duncan met at the Rooftop and talked about the Crozet real estate market in Spring 2017 – resale homes, new construction, price per square foot, and a fair bit more.

Our conversation is never about just real estate numbers and data (although we could talk about that stuff forever) … we also talked about the Rooftop, Great Valu improvements, Piedmont Place, PRN’s containers, Crozet Trails and connectivity, and generally about how Crozet is truly a great place to live.

All in under 6 minutes! Questions about the market? Ask us, or stop by PRN on the Third Thursday of the month from 5pm to 7pm.



Crozet Real Estate Conversation – Looking back at 2016, forward to 2017

The Crozet real estate market … David Ferrall and Jim Duncan (that’s me!) met at PRN last week and talked about the Crozet real estate market in 2016, and speculated a bit about the 2017 market.

But the conversation is never about just real estate … we also talked about businesses that have opened in Crozet (Smoked Kitchen & Tapnée Smoked BBQ, Morsel Compass, Blue Ridge Bottleshop in Piedmont Place), changes (Southern Way moved from its spot across from Starr Hill to the old Three Notch’d Grill building, Great Valu changed hands), our favorite charities, and of course, our love for Pro Re Nata brewery.

All in under 6 minutes! Questions about the market? Ask us, or stop by PRN on 19 January at 5pm.

Crozet Real Estate Market – 2nd Quarter 2016


David and I have fun doing these at PRN, but we never have enough time to say all that we need or want to say. As such, we’ve shifted our Crozet conversations from coffee at Mudhouse to beers (or water or soda) at PRN – Thirsty Third Thursdays from 5 to 7.

Questions about the market? Ask Jim (me) or David anytime!

Crozet Real Estate Conversation – 1st Quarter 2016

I love doing these. Not only do we love real estate market analysis & data, but having the opportunity to shoot at Crozet businesses.

We’ve done these at the Crozet Mudhouse, Greenhouse Coffee, Crozet Library, and this month at Pro Re Nata (PRN).

The Crozet Real Estate Conversation with David Ferrall and Jim Duncan with Nest Realty.

This is a quick look at the 1st Quarter 2016 real estate market report – land sales, new construction contracts, total sales in Brownsville & Crozet Elementary School Districts.

Have questions about the market? Call or email us anytime. Or stop by the Crozet Mudhouse from 9am – 11am on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of every month!


Quick Crozet Real Estate Stats – 1st 2 Months of 2016

Mark your calendar; the next Crozet Real Estate Conversation is on 23 March at 9am at the Crozet Mudhouse.

During this morning’s conversation, I ran a few stats to answer my own curiosity. I’m always

In the first two months of 2016 in Crozet

  • 8 more (29) homes have sold compared to this time last year
  • 52 homes went under contract  in 2015 and 45 this year
  • 60 homes have come on the market; 68 had done so last year.
  • Median asking price last year was 407K ; this year it’s $461,500.

Of the 45 that have gone under contract

  • 10 are townhomes
  • Median asking price is $425K; last year it was 363K
  • 19 are in Old Trail
  • 17 of the 45 are marked as new construction
  • A vast majority of those are in HOAs

These are just numbers. Without context (as is gained through conversation and analysis), they’re just numbers.

Have specific questions? Ask Jim (me) or David.

Median Home Prices in Crozet Continuing to Rise

We’ve been doing our Crozet real estate conversations for the past few months; each time we do them we tend to have some interesting data-based-conversations. This month, a friend asked me about median home prices in Crozet.

Looking at real estate data is always fun, so I pulled a bit of information from the Charlottesville MLS and came up with this (* “Crozet” for this purpose = Brownsville + Crozet Elementary school districts):

Crozet Homes' Prices and Sales Volume since 2015
Crozet Homes’ Prices and Sales Volume since 2015


  • Red line is the number of single family detached home sales in Albemarle County.
  • Green line is the number of single family detached home sales in Crozet.
  • Blue bars are the median sales prices for single family detached homes in Crozet.
  • Thanks to Keith for the help with the graphs.

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Crozet Real Estate Conversation – January 2016

Median sales price, where are new homes selling, what neighborhoods are coming online in Crozet? We love questions!

Our experiment continues. David and I love to talk about real estate. We thought the Crozet Real Estate Conversation series would be a good place to talk about real estate and share some of our thoughts and insights about life in Crozet & the Crozet real estate market.

  • “Crozet” for these purposes is defined as “Crozet Elementary + Brownsville Elementary” 
  • 2015 Median price for Attached & Detached homes in Albemarle County: $340K  (1,471 homes).  (1,374 homes)*
  • 2015 Median price home in Crozet: $400K (285 homes sold) Median price home in Crozet in 2014: $373K (253 homes sold).
  • New construction in Crozet is up 50%(!) in 2015 over 2014.
  • Small builders are holding their own, holding 20% of the new construction market.
  • 50% of new construction in Crozet is in Old Trail.
  • 26 of sales in Crozet last year were in Old Trail (also, Old Trail is seeking a downzoning)
  • 28% of new homes sold in Crozet last year were under $400K.

Read/comment more at the facebook post.

David and/or I are at the Crozet Mudhouse on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. Please stop by to chat; we pulled (and know) a lot more real estate data and information than we shared in the video.

Ask us questions anytime!

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