Crozet’s Mural

Yet another reason why I enjoy living in Crozet – the community.

Normally, when a group of teenagers is spotted covering the outside of a building with paint, the words “graffiti” and “vandals” come up.

But when the group is made of Western Albemarle High School students and the building is the Great Valu grocery in Crozet, the word that comes up is preservation.

So far, the mural is a reflection of the four seasons in Crozet. The next stage of the project will be a townscape of Crozet from the 1950s and 1960s, including buildings that already have been torn down. West did the research on the history of Crozet, finding old photos to help her with sketches.

I love that we have this kind of community that can come together for something as valuable as this mural.

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