8 Replies to “Civilization comes to Crozet”

  1. I’m still hoping for a Chinese restaurant!
    I’ve been chatting up Crozet to the owners/managers of various Chinese restaurants in Charlottesville. Hoping someone will please make this possible soon!
    Also, I vote for Sal’s over Crozet Pizza (as I don’t care to have to make advance reservations for pizza), but I’m sure the delivery option at Domino’s will be very tempting some nights.

  2. I can’t imagine why anyone would pref dominos over Sals or Crozet Pizza. There is just nothing like the atmosphere or taste of those places.

  3. Some of us like the rural atmosphere of Crozet and really aren’t ecstatic about the urbanization of our town. Most of the call for urbanization is coming from outsiders who have moved here from urban areas for the “rural lifestyle,” but then they immediately proceed to try and turn Crozet into what they left behind. Next they will be complaining about the traffic and crime they have brought with them.

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