New theme for realcrozetva?

After all the problems I have had for the past several days on this site (all of which were self-inflicted) I may change themes.

As this is a site designed by and for Crozetians, I’ll leave it up to you. Which theme would you prefer? (assuming I can get everything working on the new one)


Realcrozet Cordoba Realcrozet Digg-like

Lessons learned:

– A very kind person offered his assistance, for which I am extremely grateful.
– Changing one little thing can have dire consequences (I knew this but clearly needed a reminder)
– Time is short and valuable.

Quick note: if anybody is bored, here is the main place from where I am searching for three-column themes.

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3 Replies to “New theme for realcrozetva?”

  1. So far, it appears the Digg-like theme is going to be the resounding victor. Assuming neither of the other contenders has a late-race surge, I’ll make the change this weekend. The new theme requires quite a bit more time and configuration, but so be it.

  2. Isn’t it really the content that matters? People keep coming back to your blog(s) because of their content not their template.

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