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  1. I wondered when you’d comment on this! 🙂 The one impact I’ve noticed is that when cars park along the curb, it makes it impossible to drive without crossing the double yellow line. Are cars not supposed to park along the curb? Does anyone know why this line-painting was considered a useful thing to do at this time?

  2. From the same engineer with the VDOT:

    A citizen on Hill Top contacted Albemarle County about speeding. The posted speed limit for the roadway is 25mph making the most practical options to be increased enforcement or traffic calming. A speed study indicated that it met the requirements (i.e., >5mph of the posted speed limit) for further investigation of traffic calming. However, the volumes are such that it did not meet the requirements for physical traffic calming features such as speed humps but instead other passive methods (e.g., signs and public education). After consulting with our traffic engineering division a decision was made to use this area as a pilot to see if the installation of a centerline would serve as traffic calming and decrease speeds. A follow up speed study will be conducted in the Fall to evaluate its effectiveness.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I associate a double yellow line with a main road (like 240 or 250)–indicating a greater speed limit–rather than a neighborhood road.

  4. This is a complete eye sore. To paint a double line (in garish yellow no less) in a residential neighborhood is beyond foolish.
    The most effective way to reducing speeding (since 99% it is residents) is to go say something to the neighbor that is speeding. I’ve done it twice to people that live near me and almost ran over me and my dog. They haven’t sped since.

    That line is so bright its going to show up on google earth.

  5. I was looking at houses in Parkside (we were hoping to be among the resented newcomers to Crozet) and saw the double-yellow as it was being painted.

    My first thought: “Well, cross this neighborhood (and Hilltop Street in particular) off the list. Like many, I associate higher speed, not lower, with a double-yellow.

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