A third Crozet candidate?

We know that incumbent David Wyant is running again.

We know that he is being challenged by Ann Mallek.

But is there a third candidate who may soon declare? Perhaps a Crozet resident? Rumors say that there may be somebody who will be announcing soon. Any insight from any of the readers?

This will be a very interesting race that will impact Crozet, possibly dramatically. The demographics have changed in the White Hall district significantly in the past four years. Pay attention, folks. It will be interesting. Make sure you educate yourself and get involved.

Keep up on the current state of the campaigns and elections at Charlottesville Tomorrow.

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One Reply to “A third Crozet candidate?”

  1. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if the rumor is true, but in Ann Mallek the people of Crozet already have a superior candidate for Supervisor — one who will actually honor her campaign commitments to protect Crozet’s way of life and preserve Albemarle’s rural character (unlike the incumbent who, true to Republican form these days, has proved to be a disastrous disappointment to many who voted for him).

    If voters are looking for a responsible and responsive representative on the Board of Supervisors, Ann certainly fits the bill. I hope many more people in Crozet will give Ann’s candidacy a good hard look, and not hold her Earlysville roots against her!

    Visit Ann’s website at: http://annmallekforsupervisor.com/ and contact her with your views. You’ll find a welcoming partner in creating the best possible future for Crozet and all of Albemarle.

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