What questions do you have for the Crozet candidates?

They wouldn’t actually represent only Crozet, believe it or not; they represent all of the White Hall district, but for those of us in Crozet, it may seem like it.  (PDF is here)

Now that there are three candidates in the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors’ race, what questions would you want to ask them?

David Wyant, the incumbent, native of the area.
Ann Mallek, very involved native of the area.
Tom Loach, very involved transplant, not that it matters much.

(why bring up whether one is a native or not? It matters to some)

Top issues? –

– Growth
– Transportation
– Property Taxes
– Downtown Crozet

What does the population of Crozet look like now? How different is it than four years ago?
Some possible questions –

– Do you support ASAP’s desire to find an “optimal population” for Albemarle County?
– Do you support David Slutzky’s Transfer of Development Right plan?
– What are your thoughts on transit? How would you seek to implement transit locally and regionally, if you support it? If not, why not?
– Would you support a local or regional sales tax to help pay for transportation needs?
– What does your vision for Crozet look like?
– What are the intended consequences of slowing or stopping growth and what might be some of the unintended consequences?
– What do you think about Crozet incorporating as a town?
White Hall District

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