Crozet is (finally!) getting a gym

This Saturday, and possibly Sunday, keep your eyes out for the Running Man (and please send me your pictures if you see him!)


An Anytime Fitness franchise will be opening in early 2008. Owned an operated by Melody and Charles Shwartz from Charlottesville, this will be their first gym business.  Melody recently became a certified personal trainer and initially wanted to open a studio, but they felt that a gym would be a better business decision.

Anytime Fitness offers two unique benefits – first, it’s open 24 hours. Second, once you’re a member at one gym, you can visit any gym. This could be  big benefit for those who live in Crozet and work at the NGIC facility up 29 North, as there is another Anytime Fitness facility in Ruckersville.

Anytime Fitness is pleased to announce it has signed a lease for space in the Shoppes of Clover Lawn, off 250 West near Crozet. With construction due to start immediately, the club anticipates opening for business within the next sixty days.  Pre-sale begins soon offering the lowest rates before the club opens it’s doors.

Anytime Fitness will offer a convenient exercise option for the area. At Anytime Fitness, members can workout any time of the day or night. They use a security-access card to enter the club, even when it is not staffed. Once inside, members have full use of state-of-the-art strength training and cardiovascular equipment. Anytime Fitness will also offer tanning, personal training, and membership reciprocity among its clubs.

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Their expectations are to eventually serve about one thousand people. Melody said, “Since we aren’t a big box we are much smaller than the large gyms around here.  That might be a shock for some people but it breaks down nicely.  For instance Gold’s Gym has around 6000 members so their space accommodates that many members.” If they see sufficient growth, they may even consider expansion in the future.

When asked what members can expect, Melody responded, “They can expect a fun environment.  We believe in great customer service and hope to keep our members excited to come to the gym and workout and be in a fun atmosphere”

They will be holding pre-sales in  the space next to Dominos starting the first week in January on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm, and Melody  will also be there on the 1st from 3-5 to answer questions and hopefully kick off pre-sale.

(Don’t let their racy commercials fool you!)

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  1. My doctor mentioned that she has heard that an ACAC is coming out to Crozet. Has anyone else heard anything like that? Does anyone have experience with Anytime Fitness that he or she could share? I am really interested in the 24-hour idea!

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