Where will Crozet Pizza go?

That is the question in today’s Daily Progress.

In addition to overhauling the block where the pizza shop sits, the redevelopment project, called Crozet Station, would add a façade to the adjacent strip shopping center anchored by the Crozet Great Valu grocery store. Condos will be built above all of the new and revamped properties.

No tenants would be displaced by the work — new buildings would be constructed around the old and the businesses could still function despite the dust. The same is true for the adjacent block of buildings that are being retained.

Architect Bill Atwood hopes to start construction on the redevelopment this summer and said work could last for three years, done in three phases.

The plans have been approved by Albemarle officials, though they still need to be approved by the county Architectural Review Board.

Atwood said the new downtown would feature 56,000 square feet of commercial space with about 70 condos selling for $300,000 and less.


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Update 18 May 2008 – a Letter to the Editor in today’s Daily Progress.

I have lived in Crozet for one and a half years now and as a former resident of New Jersey I must say let’s stop feeling sorry for the businesses of Crozet. For years they have been the only game in town. They fail to recognize the influx of additional population, thus resulting in additional potential businesses. I welcome change and competition to Crozet Pizza and all other local establishments who fail to adapt to change. We all like to keep small town America, but failure to adapt and change will lead to failure to succeed.

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2 Replies to “Where will Crozet Pizza go?”

  1. I wonder if any of the phases will include adding sidewalks to the east along 240. It’s nice living in a small town, but as of now, I cannot safely walk or even ride my bike to the grocery store. It will be interesting to see what type of “facelift” the strip gets.

  2. I Have Lived here for like 9 years now and I dont want Crozet to change at all i like it small and all these new developments suck i want it to stay small were haveing to build on to schools or send some children to other schools if it gets to over populated thats what I think

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