Goodbye Crozet Pizza?

Maybe. (as usual) CvilleTomorrow provides an outstanding summary of last night’s work session. Read the whole thing. Referring to Crozet Pizza and the neighboring businesses:

All existing buildings would be demolished with this redevelopment proposal.

Part of what makes “Crozet” is Crozet Pizza … what will Crozet look like without its foundations?

Update 06-14-06: The Hook has a story as does the DP.

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5 Replies to “Goodbye Crozet Pizza?”

  1. The “foundations” are crumbling, and aren’t historically or architecturally compelling.
    The buildings aren’t designated as historic, and the owner wants to change the buildings on his property. I say bring it on.
    The county planning process will include an architectural review examination of the proposed elevations in excruciating detail.
    I think that Crozet can and will look better with a fresher face.

  2. Betty, I agree with you; change is difficult. The greatest challenge is two-fold – the County process is interminable and the County has very little goodwill and integrity with which to trade with the public.

    Time will tell. All one can do is get informed and get involved now.

  3. I can understand the difficulty you are feeling watching the character of your town change. I am from Orange but married into a family in Crozet several years ago and have had the pleasure of getting to enjoy your town. I actually can’t believe how untoughed by development you have been and how quickly it’s coming. I think the secret is out!

    As an outsider, I would have to offer that the buildings in that area, while an important part of the town, are not particularly attractive. Furthermore (and I don’t mean to step on any toes) I have only eaten at Crozet Pizza once, but it was unquestionably the worst pizza I have every had. The waitress seemed put off that we didn’t want to take the rest of the pizza home with us, but I could not bear to eat it. Is it the atmosphere or the pizza that makes this place special?

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