Crozet Town Meeting Wednesday 24 September

From Albemarle County; if anyone in Crozet wishes to report on this meeting, please either let me know or leave feedback here in the comments.

Crozet residents are invited to a town meeting on Wednesday evening, September 24, from 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm for a meet and greet) – 9:00 pm at Western Albemarle High School to talk with Albemarle County staff about infrastructure projects planned and underway for Crozet including the new library, streetscape improvements for Crozet Avenue, master plan for the new Western Park, and reuse of the Old Crozet School.

Attendees will hear about the progress of the schematic design for the new library including the guiding principles and library programming elements that have been identified by the Crozet Library Steering Committee. There will also be additional details provided about the Crozet Avenue streetscape project, titled Destination Downtown, that encompasses pedestrian-friendly improvements like sidewalks, landscaping, and lighting along Crozet Avenue to Tabor Street, construction of New Main Street to provide access to the new Crozet library, a new stormwater system for downtown, and the first block of Jarman’s Gap Road from Crozet Avenue to Carter Street.

The town meeting will feature brief presentations by Albemarle County project managers and then will provide an open house format where attendees can visit information stations on the projects that they are most interested in for more detailed discussion and questions and answers.

Information about the meeting, including a brief summary of the projects to be discussed, is posted at the Crozet Master Plan website. The meeting is being sponsored by Albemarle County in partnership with the Crozet Community Advisory Council.

* If you choose not to get involved, you abdicate your responsibility to yourself, your community; don’t let “other people” decide the direction of Crozet – get involved (please)!

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2 Replies to “Crozet Town Meeting Wednesday 24 September”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I think it will be a really great meeting. I hope there is a lot of representation from the community!

  2. NBC29 reports today that JAUNT is jacking their rates as much as 50% for non-certified-handicapped patrons. So much for an affordable public transportation alternative for western Albemarle County. The increase seems to be for the purpose of appeasement to cab drivers and CTS buses who felt threatened by the cheaper publicly-funded alternatives. Too bad.

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