Brushfire in Crozet

Thanks to the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department for their quick response to the fire this evening. I’ll try to post a picture later tonight of the small brushfire in the field adjacent to Parkside Village. If anyone has any information into how the fire started (spontaneous combustion is a dubious explanation), please call the Fire Department – 434-823-4758.  

Field Fire in Crozet

Photo courtesy Heather

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One Reply to “Brushfire in Crozet”

  1. You should post this to the Parkside HOA site to see if anyone saw or knows anything. Didn’t the Crozet Pool shed burn down last year and some kid or kids from the neighborhood were suspect? I’m not sure whatever came of that, but it sounds like it could be a possibility that the same kids were playing around in that field as they often do. I hate to sound like I am placing any blame, but I am increasingly worried about this group of children as they seem to have absolutely no regard for private property or respect to others. As a parent myself, I would HATE to think someone suspected my kid. However the old saying applies “where there is smoke there is fire” and when you have distructive disrespectful kids monkeying around, there’s sure to be some suspicious folks like me.

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