Crozet Twitter Updates – 2009-12-06

Some things don’t warrant a full post on RealCrozetVA. That’s why I post on Twitter throughout the week and provide the summary here … there’s actually quite a bit of pertinent information! (for a much broader and less-Crozet-centric Twitter view, you can see my main Twitter account.

  • Nothing but rain in my part of Crozet #
  • Old Trail to get night-friendly parking lot lights But still no comments allowed on the blog? #
  • No idea why the RealCrozetVA archives have  strewn about. I'm sorry #
  • RT @cvilletomorrow: Facing new state cuts, County officials hope to avoid delay for Jarmans Gap road improvements #
  • Don't forget about the Toy Lift tomorrow #
  • Lots of Crozet news came from yesterday's Board of Supervisor's mtg. Delayed library & Jarmans Gap improvements for starters #
  • Not confidence-inspiring: Honors English teacher sending notes home w/ multiple structural & grammatical errors. #
  • RT @CVilleKim: Going to the Crozet Tweetup on Dec. 10 at Fardowners. First the PieFest, now a Tweetup! Go Crozet! #
  • RT @denisetweets: TOY LIFT DROP OFF 12/4 at Fashion Square Mall, Lake Monticello & Crozet Shopping Center. Support Toy Lift! #
  • Confirmed. Crozet Tweetup 12/10 at noon. Fardowners. RSVP/site coming soon #
  • @ABrement: @jimduncan @sajego @terek55 @suzysaidcville Crozet Tweetup – Noon – 12/10 – Location? in reply to ABrement #
  • @ABrement Crozet Tweetup – lunch or happy hour next week? in reply to ABrement #
  • @sashafarmer I'm partial to Fardowners, but Jarmans Gap is good as is Da Lucas. What are you looking for? in reply to sashafarmer #
  • Working at Trailside Coffee this morning, waiting on a phone call from an overseas client. #
  • Score! The $1 basket at the Crozet Mudhouse is bountiful this morning! #
  • My kids' teacher won't let them use wikipedia for research as "everything's not accurate there" – where *is* "everything" accurate? #

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