Yancey Business Park

Charlottesville Tomorrow has a good rundown of Thursday’s meeting at the Field School about Yancey Industrial Park:

A spirited crowd of Crozet residents was on hand at a public forum Thursday to challenge the notion that western Albemarle is a prime location for expanded industrial development. The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has asked for consideration of a new light industrial business park in the Crozet Master Plan’s first five-year update.

Here are a few of my questions:

– What businesses do they hope to bring to the Yancey Business Park? Who?

Yancey said many potential business owners have told him his family’s land would be an ideal location for them to locate because of its close access to I-64.

– What will be the cost to the County?

– What infrastructure will have to be improved? Who will pay for it?

– What assurances do the citizens have that this won’t be re-zoned in five years to commercial.

– How will this benefit the community?

– How will this harm the community?

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One Reply to “Yancey Business Park”

  1. My question is: How will this affect the water table?
    Will Yancey said they could connect into the existing water/sewer that serves their saw mill and WAHS, I believe the county planner said that was incorrect. If they can’t connect to existing water/sewer why is this proposal on the table at all??

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