Storms, Public Hearing & Pickup Soccer – The week That Was – Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-06-06

Note: the green/italicized portion of this post are from the public hearing on the Restore N Station.

  • RT @CBS19Weather: Tracking a storm in Augusta Co. near Staunton, moving east towards Crozet. -MH #
  • Pick up your copy of the Crozet Gazette today! #
  • Rode my bike to show a house in Old Trail. It’s hot. #
  • Chiles Orchard has peaches. (FB link) #
  • Dear Crozet gas stations & consumers: 3 miles or so past the Greenwood Store is a better option. #
  • RT @CBS19Weather: Flooding waters running across Mint Springs Road, especially from entrance to park up to Emerald Ridge in Crozet. #
  • Big rain, wind, lightning. You know, summer. In Crozet. #
  • RT @julenesque: Oh wait, I think the new Crozet borders include me now, or maybe it’s the Crozet Growth zone? (cont) #
  • It rained hard at my house an hour ago; 100 yards away – dry as a bone. #
  • @CVilleKim I’d vote for taking 64 home. 250 West is bound to have standing water in places, & more chance for a tree being down in reply to CVilleKim #
  • View looking from my neighborhood in Crozet towards Charlottesville #
  • All clear in Crozet. cc @gingergermani @TravisKoshko #
  • @GoodwinCreek what are your Crozet delivery days/locations? in reply to GoodwinCreek #
  • RT @CrozetGazette: June issue out tomorrow! 40 pages of your hometown low-down! #
  • Who’s missing a chocolate lab in Crozet? (please RT) #
  • RT @ancym: Meals on Wheels needs drivers in Crozet – spare an hour/week or even /month? or DM me #crozet Pls RT #
  • RT @julenesque: I wish I could be surprised by the Goliath Gas Station decision, but it seems like par for the course. #
  • RT @Duewestphoto: RT @CBS19: [NEWS] Despite Concerns, Board Approves Plans for Crozet Gas Station #
  • RT @gingergermani: Mary Rice of Crozet now speaking against station. It is clear that no one in Crozet wants this station. #
  • Frank Calhoun (sp) speaking. Moved his horse farm to Crozet b/c of character of neighborhood. #
  • Barbara Westbrook of Crozet speaking. Against. #
  • Mr Brown said he asked “Ms Higgins, would you live in my house if the gas station was there? Her answer was ‘no'” #
  • RT @realcrozetva: Richard Brown, who lives on Free Town lane speaking. Against. [We’ve got to live there!] #
  • I’d like to hear one member of the public not affiliated w/ the applicant speak for it. Seriously #
  • Richard Brown, who lives on Free Town lane speaking. Against. #
  • Mike Marshall, chair of the Crozet Community Advisory Council speaking. Against. #
  • Bruce Kirtley, owner of the Exxon station, speaking. “No motivation to squelch competition.” “Opposed to the size & scope” #
  • I’d like to know what are the real comparable gas stations. Cc: @cvilletomorrow #
  • “This is about preventing competition” … Maybe, but it’s likely more public opposition than business opposition. #
  • What road improvements will the Station require? Bringing in a lot of trucks will necessitate a wider road, turn lanes, etc. #
  • RT @gingergermani: Higgans said they consulted with the neighbors. I am sitting next to one of them who says they did not consult with them. #
  • It’s amazing how small our community is. Former planning commissioners abound, on both sides of the issue. #
  • Marcia Joseph speaking on behalf of herself. Giving history & context to BZA appeals & saying community should have input. #
  • Tom Goeke (sp) speaking against Restore N Station & accompanying truck traffic. #
  • Gardy Bloomers (sp) speaking on behalf of Scenic 250 organization. Against the big truck stop/station. Not against smaller store. #
  • Personally, I can’t think of arguments for this that benefit the people of Crozet/Albemarle with respect to the Restore N Station. #
  • Making the comparison b/t proposed station & BP station. The new one would be HUGE. #
  • Hearing on proposed Crozet “Restore N Station” at 2pm today. #22932 #crozet #
  • Anyone know if the Crozet school & office supply store offers print/copy service? #
  • RT @NBC29: A well-known Crozet man has passed away. Jesse McDaniel died last week after a battle with lung cancer. #
  • RT @ryancordell: Charlottesville, Crozet, Virginia–you’ve been good to our family. Thanks for everything, and we’ll see you again. #fb #
  • Anyone interested in pickup soccer in Crozet this summer? #
  • At the Old Trail pool. It’s hot. #

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