One Day I’ll Get a Better Camera Phone

In the meantime here are three recent photos in Crozet …

Goodwin Creek bakery wants to be your friend. (great bread, purchased at Great Valu)

Goodwin Creek wants to be your friend

We’ve had some great sunsets in Crozet recently.

Amazing sky tonight in Crozet

Harris Teeter has more local foods … “Six or fewer hours from the farm to your Harris Teeter”

"Local" Food at the Crozet Harris Teeter

Fardowner’s new patio:

Fardowner's patio

Cocina del Sol is ugly. I hope the gray is a primer.

Cocina del Sol is gray. Ugly gray

Update: It’s not permanent. Thanks to @brmtcrozet

@crozette @realcrozetva It’s not permanent, they could only paint what was under roof because of the rain! Not to worry!!Mon Jul 12 14:28:58 via web

Update #2 – Aargh. It’s going to stay ugly.

False alarm @realcrozetva @crozette @rprav8r, I hate to tell you but that is the final color of La Cocina! Sorry for getting your hopes up:(Mon Jul 12 22:33:28 via web

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17 Replies to “One Day I’ll Get a Better Camera Phone”

  1. There is demand for eating spaces on asphalt? It is sad though, one day
    crying about the lack of parking spaces, next using the available ones
    for anything other. The BOS has good reason to ignore these people…

  2. Yeah, i prefer the outdoor eating space over the parking.

    I do wish Fardowner’s would go with Cable TV, instead of Dish based. Many of the soccer games coexisted with thunderstorms so i was unable to see them at home and fardowner’s reception was even worst.

  3. Outdoor eating is nice, but sub-optimal if you are sitting in a parking lot. Too hot to be there most of the summer. Alas, there is no other alternative (other than going to the top of the roof) for Fardowners. Edward’s comment is as usual a very condescending and a petty one. The BOS -read the Ken Boyd Old Boys Clan- is already ignoring everybody, nothing new there.

  4. Ohm by the way, I think that the definition for “local foods” needs adjustment: six hours? This means all produce still comes from out-of-state. Nothing local.

  5. In their defense there were a few truly local selections in there … if I had a better camera phone you’d be able to see that. 🙂

    But yeah, six hours is a looong way.

  6. Maybe some taller, mature plants would help for shade for the the outdoor seating at Fardowners. I can’t tell from the picture :), but those plants look like Home Depot plant starters instead of providing any shade for outdoor dining.

    Perhaps this seating is to cater to their smoking clientele? I typically think twice about outdoor seating, due to smoking permitted. But hey, its a bar also, so i can’t complain.

  7. Yeah, well, I’ll be predictable. I still think that there is not any demand to sit on an asphalt parking lot or roof during the Summer. Do you really think that there is any real benefit to say that everything that happens is great? I’m glad somebody figured out the so called local produce though.
    Instead of buy local it should be, buy off the local truck… About the Ken
    Boyd comment: Do you really think that the majority of Albemarle
    residents think like you? I know I do… That is how they were voted in.

  8. Too bad about the color of Cocina del Sol. Could have been one of many beautiful colors. If you need help picking let me know.
    Not sure if the trash smell that usually emanates from the alley next door to Fardowners would be so conducive to sitting outside. Might be a good reason to deal with the garbage in another way/place. Otherwise outdoor seating is a good idea. Gets people thinking about their surroundings more and makes business more visible.

  9. I really dislike that drab grey color of the Cocina Del Sol. The yellow was so cheery and festive, like it should be. Whoever made the grey decision, please reconsider. There is still time to fix it.

  10. Completely agree with the above. As if a terrible disease struck that building. Depressing and a reminder of city drab and blight. Quite the opposite of cheery and festive.

  11. I have lived in Crozet all my life and I really like the gray on the building that houses La Cocina Del Sol. I think the painters did an awesome job! But on the other hand Pink background paint with Purple polka dots may be a better choice! or better yet striped with red, white, and blue to symbolize the Modern Barber Shop that has been in that building for many, many years! (I like that option better than the pink and purple!) No matter what color the outside of the building is, the food will taste the same on the inside of the building.

  12. Finally, someone mentioned the other business in that building. To the
    people that do not like the color you should stop in and tell Lisa what you
    think. I expect that she will have an answer for you… Considering the age
    of that stucco building I think that the gray really suits it. “Terrible disease”, do you ever have to back up what you say??

  13. The gray is not very nice … its pretty boring and their service is not so good either! Such a bummer that getting “Comida” (food) at La Cocina always seems to take forever ! Thumbs down

  14. I think their menu is pretty tasty. I wouldn’t say its not exactly authentic “mexican”, but i would say its second after La Michoacana in the cville area. Also, it seems the food at the crozet location tastes better than their charlottesville location? Either way, its kind of pricey (especially compared to La Michoacana), but great to have nearby. As long as they keep creating those yummy corn tortillas, paint the building whatever they like.

    I’m continuously searching for the ultimate mex food – so please update if there are some hidden gems out there.

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