Restore N Station Will Be Smaller

Read about it at NBC29.

More + comments at WCAV. Update 2018: now bad link.

Finally a compromise was reached:

The Re-Store N’ Station will move forward as a 3,000 square foot facility instead of 6,000 square feet.

-It will house five pumps with ten nozzles, instead of eight pumps with 16 nozzles.
-The gas station will operate for 16 hours/day instead of 24.

-No overnight parking will be allowed.

-A flow valve condition must be in place to avoid water run off.

-Rainwater will be collected to water the landscaping around the station, via a lined underground tank.

Thanks to the paid journalists for staying up so late to report on this. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Board of Supervisors streamed their meetings?

I neglected to post this conversation from Tuesday’s Coy Barefoot show – Charlottesville Right Now– Is a Sheetz coming to Crozet?

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