Anyone in Crozet Missing a Pigeon?

I think this email is cool for two reasons:

1 – Someone has a pigeon.

2 – Crozet’s small enough to ask “anyone.”

Is anyone missing a pigeon?  We have a banded pigeon living in our garage, who’s been at our house since Tuesday.  We don’t mind caring for him, but he appears to be well cared for, so we’d like to find it’s owner, and return it.  Please give me a call at 434-409-2041 if this looks like yours

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2 Replies to “Anyone in Crozet Missing a Pigeon?”

  1. We had one of those at our house earlier this summer. He “hung out” in the eaves of our garage for about a week. Then one day, he just didn’t come around anymore. If anyone knows about this, I would love to know more.

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