What Do you Think about The Block Schedule?

If you’re a parent (or kid) at Western Albemarle High School, you’ve had an interesting year learning the affects and impacts of the block schedule. What are your thoughts? How has it affected you and your kid(s)?

The DP says parents are outraged.

Update 18 October 2010: Let the County know what you think about the block schedule.

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3 Replies to “What Do you Think about The Block Schedule?”

  1. It is a detriment. That it was adopted for pure financial/budgetary reasons and NOT for didactic or “educational standards” reasons will tell you this outright. Teaches are as much frustrated as the parents are (at least those I heard expressing their opinion).

  2. Block scheduling –
    There is an organized group with good information on the web please go to

    They have some good information – the thing parents should be most concerned about is the movement to move the start of school up to August 10, 2011 just so they can get the SOL testing done before the holidays. This would change summers for a lot of folks.

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