7 Replies to “The Future of Libraries (in Albemarle)”

  1. Libraries have a future just not in their present form. It is no longer about bringing people to a building but more of providing content on demand.nBuilding, maintaining, and staffing a new building no longer makes any sense.nIf you just want to spend alot of money on a Community Center with free parking fine. Just don’t call it a library… A Community wide WiFi network innCrozet will provide more than any building can. The Rescue Squad has a far more pressing need for a building upgrade. The BOS owes us to take a hard look at all the options…nnnn

  2. KEN BOYD hates Crozet, again. It seems he does not like his own constituents either for that matter (Re. Hollymead development). Thanks to Clover Carroll for pointing this out in the Daily Progress Letter to the Editor.

    1. Do you know Ken Boyd? Has he told you this? Or is this a self serving statement? What does a library have to do with hating Crozet? Do younthink that local government exists to give you everything you want???

  3. the budgeting of more monies for electronics is not what the public needs or wants. not everyone is as enamored as others in the whole wifi cell phone automated gizmo phenomena. a library is a gathering place for the community that allows storytime and authors to read from their books. there are children involved in this learning process. years ago i attended a lecture at UVA by the head of libraries which consisted at that time of fourteen libraries. the trend has been and probably continuing to cut funding for paper publications versus electronic. there is alot to be said for studying the classics in paper form and raising children on a more user friendly paper publication that is theirs to hold. the disintegration of community gathering places such as libraries will only benefit those in telecommunications. like pedestrians; people who read paper publications should not be discarded for some belief that progress only means more electronics.

    1. nnnnnnnnWhat is the reality of the situation? Crozet already has a library. Is itnthe right thing at the present time to spend millions on a new one?nDigital content is not a passing fad and is not going away. Not everyonenmight think this way but it has gotten to the point that Bookstores, Video rental ,and other types of hard copy business are slowly fading away. Community gathering place? If that is what you want then ask for one. But, if you think about it one of the oldest forms of gathering place already exists. It is called a church. WiFi would reach more people and give more for the money. Upgrading the Rescue Squadnfacility would provide for a long term need for the Community. And,nIf you stay here long enough you will eventually need them…nnnnnn

      1. shall we make everyone speak english as well and get rid of all the confusion? so,wifi and internet is everywhere, do we need to support it even more? yes,church is a community space for some and helped establish civil rights in this country. electronic editions of publications are not as user friendly for small children and others in the population. we have runaway ADD/ADHD and other forms of disturbances that don’t benefit from this proposal. artist and others work often do not transcribe into electronic editions.give me Shakespeare or Proust or any of the classics on paper. i am sorry if modern thinking cannot accept the printed word.” festival of the computer” i am sure this would make mr. gates happy and the telecommunication companies. this is not a free press. look at our patriot act.

        1. nnnnnnnThere are libraries are in County Schools. The hours of these can be extended for events. Crozet is a 30 minutendrive from a large number of hardcopy resources innCharlottesville. Is it wise to duplicate this here?nnSmall children are not like adults. They are open to change and things are changing due to the habits ofnthe younger generation. It must be hard for you to realize this but, my thoughts on this are far from original. This trend is happening everywhere…

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