What are the Best CSAs in and around Crozet?

From a reader:

I was checking out CSA listings at Local Harvest, and was disappointed by not many listings and many that *were* there were outdated! So if you know of ANY CSA (community supported agriculture) in the area (Charlottesville/Crozet/Central VA), no matter how small, please respond here and I will make a listing of them. Let’s support our local farmers – especially the ones just getting started!


So – what are your favorites CSAs??

Personally, I usually search at the Buy Fresh, Buy Local site, but would much prefer recommendations.

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6 Replies to “What are the Best CSAs in and around Crozet?”

  1. When we were out in Fluvanna, we did Best of What’s Around. Spent a couple of years with them, and might still be, except that we’re so close to all the markets now!

  2. Check out http://www.buylocalvirginia.org for a searchable database for local CSAs/Buyers Clubs. nnFor Albemarle county, they list http://www.opengatefarm.net in Earlysville, and Horse & Buggy Produce. Plus four others in neighboring counties. They also list tons of local farms who will sell directly to the public.nnThey have an EXCELLENT guide to local foods of all sorts you can dowload as a PDF. http://www.buylocalvirginia.org/index.cfm/0,5,296,htmlnnn

  3. From David Wayland via email:nnnI would hope Wayland Orchard qualifies. We have operated a pick-your-own apple orchard for many years nest to Mint Springs Park, and also offer blueberries, pears, and grapes. All seasonal, of course. And the price is always right! David Waylandn

    1. And they’re good! Nothing better than biking to Mint Springs and then saying hi to The Wayland Family and picking up some fresh fruits.

  4. The RockFish Valley Community Center will have their winter market tomorrow morning: they have many local farmers selling their products. Worth checking out.

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