Old Trail + Assisted Living Facility

Remember way back in 2008 when I told you about the assisted living facility coming to Old Trail?

It’s going to be a reality. Huge thanks to the Crozet Gazette:

Near it, on the east side of the village stores’ parking lot, will be a new 126-bed assisted living facility to be known as The Lodge at Old Trail. The facility will offer services ranging from basic to end-of-life care and memory care, all on a rental model. It is being built by David Hilliard, who has previously built and now operates two assisted living facilities in Vermont. The facility will have underground parking on its basement level, entered from behind the building, and that is being excavated now. There will be three floors above. Completion is expected in 18 months. The building was designed by local architects Russell Skinner and Richard “Jyke” Jones.

Beights Development formally transferred 48 acres, mainly lying along Lickinghole Creek, to Albemarle County in December to be the site of “Western Park.” Beights said he hopes the county will begin improvements soon. The transfer makes possible the creation of a walking path connecting Grayrock and other Jarmans Gap Road subdivisions to Henley Middle and Brownsville Elementary Schools.

Please read the whole thing at their site.

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15 Replies to “Old Trail + Assisted Living Facility”

  1. Not related to this post, but still of interest to your readers…Otto’s is up for sale. Saw a sign in the restaurant today. Great opportunity to take something good and make it great!

    1. how could GHC overtake otto’s business? They have different foods and not even near one another? Is there another ottos i am not aware of?

      1. Poor business plan, internal problems, external problems, sickncat, cosmic radiation, all reasons and more as to why 3 out ofn4 new business don’t make it to 5 years…

  2. Where are these 48 acres located that allow creating of walking paths connecting Grayrock to the schools? Is this the area that is next to the lickinghole creek bridge on old trail drive – or elsewhere?

  3. Cradle to grave at Old Trail.  Combining the Lodge (or End of the Trail) and the Village Commons (OTV Projects) gives a slightly different perspective then what the Beights clan was selling in the boom years.

  4. Ridges Apartments:

    These are anticipated rate ranges.  Actual rates may vary slightly.

    1 bedroom – $3250-$3450 per month
    2 bedroom -$3850-$4050 per month
    2nd person occupancy fee-$500.00 per month

    Piedmont Assisted Living:

    The rates listed below are the anticipated rate ranges.  Actual rates may vary slightly

    Studio-from $4195 per month
    1 bedroom-from $4595.00 per month
    2 bedroom-from $5295.00 per month
    2nd person occupancy fee-$1200 per month

    Season’s Memory Care:

    This is the anticipated rate.  Actual rates may vary slightly.

    Studio-from $5895.00 per month

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