4 Replies to “Jarman’s Gap Scrutiny”

  1. This .9 of a mile will change all that? It will take 50 years for mass transit to come to Crozet.  As far as biking Crozet there are people that do it now on a
    daily basis. Even in Charlottesville you are lost without a car. In my mind I keep thinking about what we are losing instead what we might get… The
    environmental damage done by all the asphalt and concrete does not balance
    the possibility of fewer vehicle trips per day. Just like a Toyota Prius takes far
    more resources to produce than it will save.  Creating an urban area where none existed before has a cost other than money. I think that people are starting to realize that just planting a few bushes here and there will not hide
    the real story.

    1. Yes, actually, .9 miles will change things.  My family can now safely walk somewhere outside of our neighborhood.  You say people do it now on a daily basis….so there’s some great logic for you!
      Hey, other people do it, it must be safe!   Go jump off a bridge- I’ve seen other people doing it!

  2. $13.5 million, is that accurate?  I thought it was $3.9 million, and I thought that was a lot to pay for a one mile stretch of road.  Is the $13.5 including all the work from Old Trail to Crozet Ave or is the $17.4 million for everything?

    Either way, the price tag is a way too large.

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