7 Replies to “Re-Store ‘N Station Approved”

  1. Ridiculous name! The letter n with the apostrophe in front if it means “and”, making the true name “Re-store and Station”.  Of course, since our local schools are located right down the road, the name can be used in language arts classes when lessons on how to use prefixes correctly are taught. Kids will have plenty of time to notice the incorrect usage on the building’s sign when they, and their parents, are stuck in front of it in the school morning traffic jams that will be made worse when this place opens…

    1. Perhaps “restore” means to restore or replenish your body such as with food and drink. Station probably refers to the gas for your car/truck. Not disagreeing just trying to figure it out.
      Would the traffic be better if more kids rode the bus instead of their parents taking them? I think a bus goes by every house in the county with children.but numer

      1. The name is no more ridiculous than Old Trail which is neither old or a trail.  Kids can also ponder that while sitting in the traffic caused by that the placement of tract housing in a field…

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