UVA Medical or Augusta Medical?

Just pondering … Augusta Medical is growing … and they’re both either current (Augusta) or former (UVA) “Top 100 Hospitals” (PDF)…

Crozet to UVA:

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Crozet to Augusta Medical Center:

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2 Replies to “UVA Medical or Augusta Medical?”

  1. UVA Medical. Teaching hospitals have the edge. Top 100? There is a company that will sell you the banners, etc, to make you a top 100 in whatever field you like. UVA ranks far higher than that. UVA attracts patients from all over the world. I would consider it a strong selling point for the area…

  2. I have to say, I have never been to Augusta Medical Center – my previous surgeries have been done at UVa by staff from the Digestive Health Center, which is excellent.  However, my treatment by Dr. Shelley Snodgrass at the Augusta Health Adult Medicine practice in Crozet (Old Trail) has me now considering Augusta Health as a viable option – she is FANTASTIC.

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