Jarman’s Gap Road is Looking Good


Open this weekend for Crozet Trails Day, it’s easy to see that, with bike lanes, sidewalk and new lanes, this could be a fantastic road connecting the communities.

Update 16 October 2011: From our Board of Supervisor representative Ann Mallek:

The entire community is appreciative of the effort of VDOT to open the road for the Arts and Crafts festival and the pedestrian day. It did give up a great opportunity to see our future roadway in action.

I understand how painful the construction and the loss of trees is, and the ten year old design is wider than we might do it now, but I agree that the sidewalks, bike lanes and a 25 mph speed limit will be an asset to link our neighborhoods.

It was a bumpy bike ride yesterday, but Leo and I rode from Old Trail to Mountainside, McComb to Blue Ridge, Haden Lane to the trails in Old Trail. What a great way to see the neighborhoods. So many places to eat and so little time.

Leo and I figure we have 15-20 more years on the farm, then we will need to “come in” to town, and now we have some great ideas of places to land before we need to move into the Lodge.

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12 Replies to “Jarman’s Gap Road is Looking Good”

      1. noo it doesn’t. the road looks like we are catering to developers needs and ignore everything else. the water and sewer lines come courtesy of taxpayers for well to do bank rolling plutocrats who could care less. who said jarman didn’t look could good before? before the disfiguring  of landscape for the benefit of a few.

        1. I see it completely differently. Sidewalks and bike lanes will benefit everyone. The road improvements have been discussed for decades … (I may be wrong on this) before Crozet was a designated growth area. 

          1. it is just so trifling. a small amount of sidewalk and bike lanes for really what is the conduit for the second phase of all the developments down that way. the water and sewer improvements on the public’s nickel. and these days,,it is a nickel. i.e. our schools and library and recycling center and sidewalks in other parts of the area. do people on jarman who have lost their yards and landscape think it is so great? we  are building a huge bedroom community and what if oil goes to ????

          2. We already have a bedroom community,
            we are just adding to it. And, really, it is yet to be determined who will benefit from all this. And, what the benefit will be.

          3. I agree with Jim.  Not beleiving that we are catering to a few souls.  Like Old Trail or not, smack dab in the middle of it is a county park.  Easier and safer access to it is for the betterment fo all.

  1. On the VDOT website, it looked like the project was due for completion by 10/22 but this seems farfetched. Does anyone have

Something to say?