Crozet – In Video

Crozet” is hard to define – Understanding Crozet is sometimes difficult, particularly when you’re looking to move to Crozet. Some define Crozet as “the 22932 zip code“. Some define it as broad as “past Ivy“.



At Nest, we have been slowly releasing our Live Where you Love video series … we have decidedly not overtly branded these as we intended these videos to be for you rather than explicit marketing for us.

(for my clients, this is how I define it – the Brownsville and Crozet Elementary school districts.)

Have questions about Crozet? Ask me. I live here. Or call me – 434-242-7140.

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12 Replies to “Crozet – In Video”

  1. This is terrific, Jim. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was some footage of homes not in the new developments – some of the “old Crozet”. Mike Marshall’s comments were spot on. Thank you for creating these videos.

    1. Nope, but it will soon.  Marketing videos have a target audience.  I did
      not know what Crozet was until it started to be sold and manipulated.
      With the right tools you can keep sellling the story, whether it still exists or not. Have questions about Crozet? Ask a neighbor or someone
      who has actually lived their life here while they are still around…

      1. The target audience for the video was Crozet and people interested in Crozet. 

        As far as asking “someone who has actually lived their life here” … I’ll be sure to ask my daughters, one of whom has lived here here *entire* life and one who has lived most of her life here. 

        1. If they are still here after the Realtors and Developers
          get done with the place, they will probably be a good
          reference. If not, Maybe the video will last…

          1. Here’s the thing: living in the present, they are. And so is everyone else who chooses to live here. 

            Crozet was great and is great and will hopefully continue to be so. 

            Focusing on what Crozet was like is a waste of time and energy, but that’s your right. Luckily, you’re in the minority.

          2. I’ll happily be a minority.  A majority do not read this. A majority do not tweet and are not interested in it. A majority did not have a say in whats happening to Crozet. If I could ever get the majority to stand up things would be different. To remember the past is to give reference to what is happening now. Is the buying and selling and over developing of an area an improvement?

            I still cannot get over the Crozet is great,
            now lets go and change it attitude. 

  2. I had a conversation today with Lynelle, one of the Mudhouse’s owners, and with her permission, I’m posting her comments here because they capture so much of what Crozet is, what it means, and Mudhouse’s role in our community. As I told her, Mudhouse’s presence has provided a space for me to have greater bonds with my kids – it’s a shared space that serves us all. Crozet is a community that I am proud of, one that I am happy to be in, and one that I hope others appreciate.

    “Hi Jim, I just wanted to thank you for including us in the video of Crozet. It’s well done and we are honored to be a part of it. We really love Crozet, we love the people, we love creating jobs for the community, we love the folks at the hardware store and the elderly home and the dairy queen and the pharmacy. We’re just happy to be there…thank you for being happy we’re there too.We proudly showed the video to the managers and they beamed as well. The town is a jewel, but the fact that you ‘get’ why we even do it, there is no greater satisfaction. i love that the relationships carry, the love and bonding is understood, from the coffee farmer to the barista to Margot baking love in the kitchen to the children running around from her sugar to the conversations and hand pats and first dates and hot chocolates with little ones…it’s like one long conversation. “

  3. Join us at Blue Ridge Beads & Glass in Crozet for a Free Stained Glass Cutting Demonstration and Lesson, 2PM Saturday, December 17th.

    Mark your calendars for an Open House at the new location: January 5th 6-8PM. More details later.

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