Crozet Trails Map

The Crozet Trails Crew was kind enough to put together this map of the trails in Crozet. Click to the image below to enlarge.

January 2012 Crozet Trails Map - draft
January 2012 Crozet Trails Map - draft

They have work days often if you’re interested.

Thanks, Crozet Trails Crew – this helps answer the question I get frequently from clients – “where are the trails in Crozet?”

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3 Replies to “Crozet Trails Map”

  1. Thank you for this map. I just got off the phone with the DEQ about the Lindy Bain trail in Old Trail Village. It is turning into a real garbage dump from the construction at The Lodge at Old Trail. Plastic flying all over the place large black tarps. all heading toward the Licking hole creek. No one over there wants to take responsibility for it, so I had to call. I hope the DEQ will step up. 

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