Upcoming Crozet Trails Crew Workdays

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Saturday, March 24– Workday near Henley School. Meet at 9am at Trailside Coffee and be ready to Work. See website for more details.
Saturday, March 31– Garden Design discussion, 2:00pm, Old Trail Golf Clubhouse. I will giving an interactive presentation about the basics of designing your vegetable/ herb garden, either in your own yard or in a community garden plot. All are welcome, please RSVP to Bev at [email protected] . This is also a great opportunity to learn about the community gardens at Old Trail, near the future Western Park.
Saturday, April 7– Workday at Byrom Park. See website for details.
Thursday, April 12– CTC monthly meeting, 6pm at Trailside Coffee
Saturday, April 14– Trail design workshop in conjunction with local Landscape Architects, 9am at Martha Jefferson parking lot (Pantops). Refreshments provided. This is going to be a great trail design/hike event and I encourage everyone to attend, even though it is in the Pantops area. The trail we will be looking at is along the Rivanna River. More details coming soon (check the website for updates).”

If you’re wondering “where are the trails in Crozet that they’re always working on?” Here’s a map. 🙂

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5 Replies to “Upcoming Crozet Trails Crew Workdays”

  1. Hey, Jim. I appreciate all of this info. I followed the link to the Crozet Trails map. I am curious why all trails end before reaching The Highlands. Is it because of the zip code change and jurisdiction issues? It feels like we are the ugly step daughter, over here.

    1. Hi Julie,
      The reason it appears no trails lead to the Highlands is because of the Railroad tracks. In the Masterplan, all the trails to the south of Rt. 240 connect neighborhoods and parks, but because of the Railroad tracks, there is no way to have a trail connect to the Highlands from that direction. One option would be to have a sidewalk along Rt. 240 that connects the Highlandsto the bridge to Western Ridge, but as far as I know, there is no plan to put sidewalks along Rt. 240. However, even though the plan does not currently show it, there has been an expressed desire from severa folks to have safe pedestrian and bike routes along Rt. 240. This is less of a “trail” issue and more of a VDOT issue. Not insurmountable.

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