6 Replies to “Three Days Until Barnes Lumberyard Buyer is Revealed”

  1. You do realize that people have a right to some sort of privacy. Ever have
    a real estate deal where you were bound not to reveal certain details? This is private property…

    1. People do, but Virginia, being a state with public records of real estate transactions, has chosen to (slightly) minimize that right of privacy.

      And besides, what happens to that land does affect the whole of Crozet, so people are going to be interested in who the owner is and what plans he or she has for the property.

      1. I disagree. Most people do not know the actual owners of most business property. To assume that it effects the whole of Crozet
        is really stretching it. Few people have any reason to be on the property and if it stays private will remain that way. One thing that I did hear was that a artifical lumber manufacturer had looked at the property. I think that it would be a good fit and hope that the property stays industrial.

        1. I agree with Jim– of course businesses affect the community in many ways regardless of whether anyone sets foot on the property. For many heavily industrial businessses, pollution can be detrimental to the health of community residents. While an industrial business may have been an acceptable choice decades ago, I completely disagree than an industrial property is a good choice for a highly-populated residential area. You are certainly not considering the health of residents or the environmental impact (not to mention unsightliness) of an industrial business. There are plenty of great businesses that bring in far more money to employees than manufacturing and are more appealing to many of the younger people of Crozet than industrial jobs (think computers). Frankly, I’m worried. Why wouldn’t the guy disclose his identity if it was a business that the community was likely to welcome, support, and be excited about? I liked the plan. Whey are we going to get answers?

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