CCAC Meeting – 19 September – Westlake Hills & Crozet Library

Lots of tweets from last night’s Crozet Community Advisory Council. After the break, scroll down and read bottom-to-top.

These are some of my highlights – big discussions regarding traffic and safety regarding Westlake Hills and how the Crozet Library basement space will be used. Charlottesville Tomorrow was there recording so hopefully they’ll have a podcast up. Crozet Gazette was there and I expect Mike will have a comprehensive story up as well.

– All Westlake Hills traffic will go through Westhall, past Crozet Park, on Tabor, onto 240.

– They can build 50 homes before two points of access are required.

– Westlake Hills going to have a pool. Open to Crozetians he said (membership required)

– How should the open space in the new Crozet Library basement be used?

– Is the new Crozet Library basement ADA accessible? (really need clarification on this.)

– More than 60% of building permits in Albemarle County last quarter were in Crozet.

Also, here are a few photos from last night that I published on Google +.

Update 23 September 2012 – The storify I put together was deleted when Storify had a database snafu. Mistakes happen, and the way they responded – quickly, honestly and candidly – is a good lesson. I really hope they get it back, but if not, I captured the big highlights above. And Charlottesville Tomorrow has a story on Westlake Hills.

Rather than delete the storify link below, I’m leaving it, in the outside chance they sort it out and find it. 🙂

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