Update on Crozet Projects – Sidewalks, Library, Streetscape

Thanks to Charlottesville Tomorrow’s tweet for pointing out this staff report from Albemarle County: Quarterly Capital Projects Status Report (PDF). You can do what I did. Open the PDF and search for Crozet. 🙂

Stormwater Project – Substantially complete September 2012 — Remainder of woody vegetation to be planted January 2013

Crozet Library – Construction underway; approximately 40% complete as of December 2012 — Working to resolve fiber conflict with storm sewer — Substantial completion July 2013 — Occupancy August 2013

Crozet Streetscape Phase II – Utility relocation complete – 1st Quarter 2013 — Streetscape –Bid/award 2nd Quarter, ~ 12-14 months construction — Library Ave accepted in State system

Crozet North Sidewalk – Replacing or constructing approximately 1100 feet of sidewalk and drainage improvements along the west side of Crozet Avenue from Saint George Avenue to Crozet Elementary School. A Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Grant provides improved pedestrian crossing at the school and extends sidewalk to Ballard Drive —- Completing right-of-way & easement plats for 3 parcels (Crozet North); SRTS right-of-way and easement acquisition completed — Submit plans to VDOT for SRTS February 2013 and Crozet N Sidewalk April 2013 and request authorization to bid

There’s a full description of all of the above projects in the above-linked PDF; if you’re interested in what’s happening in Crozet, it’s a good way to spend 15 minutes.

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