More Break-ins In Crozet

Lock your cars. Opportunistic thieves are back. A couple neighborhoods near Crozet Park had cars gone through and items stolen Saturday night. And I got this message last night:

Hi, thought you might want to share on your page and twitter that the car break ins are continuing, Westhall was hit last night (Saturday) at least three cars, and a flat screen TV found in some bushes by a playground. Didn’t want to post directly as I don’t want this reading to ID me, worried I may become a target. But people should know, so I thought your page may be a better communication method. Thanks.

This seems to happen at least once a year, all over Crozet.

The Crozet Safety Corps has news from late July that police arrested two men suspected for the break ins in Old Trail.

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8 Replies to “More Break-ins In Crozet”

  1. It’s a group of about five teenagers in a 90s gray Toyota pickup truck. We confronted them Saturday at Harris Teeter after noticing the girl wearing shoes and a backpack that got taken from our house. Of course she denied it. We’ve informed the cops of this. We also saw them pulling out of Myrtle St. on Saturday morning.

    1. Thanks morenone, I’ll inform the officer who processed my vehicle about this. You didn’t happen to get a license plate did you?

  2. All three of our cars were hit as well… They didn’t get anything but a few useless items. When we talked to the cops they had over 15 reports from our street, Westhall to the older area on Brookwood.

      1. Sadly, when we called they said to fill out a report online. Around 6:30 Sunday evening a few officers made a presence In Westhall and we were able to talk to them at that point…

  3. Regarding the flat screen TV – a private messages informs:

    “… the police discovered that the television had actually been in someone’s car.”

    So, still opportunistic thieves, but not ones that go into houses.

  4. Our cars were hit as well. We had a GPS taken as well as a under armour backpack and some phone chargers. When I called the police Sunday morning they also told me to fill out a report online! This is the 2nd time in 2 months we have been hit!! How long is this going to go on before we get some police to ride around here! We live in a respectful neighboorhood! It’s a shame that some punk kids have to ruin it!

  5. Friend who had car spray painted 2 years ago moved away, returned here last year and had 4 wheeler taken from yard this past weekend on Lanetown Rd.

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