Last Few Weeks on RealCrozetVA Facebook – 8 July 2014

While I don’t particularly like Facebook, I recognize its value to the community and sometimes a quick post on Facebook is better than a quick blog post so as not to flood everyone’s inboxes. Also, try searching for – and finding! – a Facebook post from a few weeks, months, or years ago; go ahead, I’ll wait here.

June 10The “What businesses should come to Crozet” post had quite a few comments, some on point.

June 15The Crozet Streetscape is coming along.

June 17Brief discussion about Barnes Lumberyard – should it stay zoned industrial?

June 18Crozet Pizza is open for lunch.

June 20The Picnic in the Park was great!

June 25I noted how easy it is to post events on the Crozet Calendar. (I also changed the default view so it’s easier to see what’s happening in Crozet)

June 30 – I noted yet another reason why won’t go away, despite Facebook. (hint: I own RealCrozetVA)

July 3Good discussion on why single family residential is not wanted by the CCAC

July 7I mentioned my monthly notes, in which I discuss real estate and recap the better blog entries from the previous month.

July 8 – Answering a reader’s question, there is a butcher in Crozet, he’s great, and he’s at Great Valu.

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