Streetscape Update – 22 September 2014

Update 24 September with a few photos taken this morning:

Crozet Streetscape - 24 September 2014 Crozet Streetscape - 24 September 2014


Despite it seeming as if little has been happening, we’re awfully close to the finish …

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Traffic Notice

Final asphalt installation will proceed this week with the following schedule:
• Tuesday, September 23, 2014 – Milling of all streets will be completed.
• Wednesday, September 24th – Final asphalt work on all streets will be completed.
• Thursday, September 25th – Temporary striping will be completed.

Final/permanent striping will be completed within 14 days of final paving.

Crozet Streetscape Construction Updates

The following progress was made last week:
• All concrete repairs were completed.

The following items are scheduled through the end of the project:
• Crosswalk paver installation is scheduled to start next Monday, September 29, and take 3-4 days to complete.
• Landscaping has been delayed one (1) week due to dry weather. Planting is now scheduled to begin next week and will take approximately two weeks to complete.
• Substantial completion is officially November 18th but is expected to occur during the month of October.

For more information on the Crozet Streetscape project, visit

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