The Next Phase of Old Trail Begins

If you haven’t driven through Old Trail recently, you might be surprised.



Update from Dave Brockman at Old Trail:

Thanks for reaching out to me. The activity has certainly created a lot of excitement.  What I can share is that the work being conducted to the west is primarily to support our new residential lot sales, which required a significant amount of earthwork. However, we continue to have very meaningful dialog with several interested commercial development partners and felt confident enough to use this opportunity to start making preparation for further expansion along Old Trail Drive. Old Trail’s success of the last few years has given us the ability to be more efficient in our work towards the future.

If you’re curious, these are the homes that are for sale right now in Old Trail.


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6 Replies to “The Next Phase of Old Trail Begins”

  1. hrumph. I really liked that field and thought I had heard that it would stay that way (always works well for over-flow parking too). The view from the coffee shop patio towards the mountains is/was so nice. Not convinced that commercial development there is a good move.

  2. Old Trail is a commercial development. They never hide that fact. I hate to think of what that place will look like 10 years or so down the road. The destruction being done to the area
    and Crozet can not be reversed…

  3. I read the hiking trail associated with the Crozet tunnel would be finished in Feb of this year. Anyone know when it will be open?

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