More on Old Trail Village’s New Commercial Phase

Big news last week when Old Trail Village released the plans for their next commercial phase.

Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Tim Dodson reports more today:

Brockman said there will likely be three to five retail tenants, depending on how the ground floor space is divided up.

“We’ve had our ear to the ground for a while, listening to the existing merchants that are in Old Trail and in Crozet and speaking with residents, so we hope to bring at least one more restaurant to this facility,” Wilson said.

Wilson said some other retail ideas include an outdoors shop, a bike store and a small grocery with a deli.

Brockman suggested a boutique could be another possible type of tenant, in addition to potential service-oriented tenants.

“We’re hoping to be very inclusive in our search, and we certainly appreciate and welcome feedback from area residents,” Wilson said. “We want to be good neighbors and we want to help provide a new service that people will use.”

See more at the Old Trail Village Center site.


Reminder of background on Crozet’s “needs” — 

What businesses does Crozet need?
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