Plans for next Phase of Old Trail Commercial Area Released

Old Trail Village in Crozet commercial center

Old Trail have released the plans for their new commercial space, so I’ll ask again (and a small request: please at least skim some of the comments from previous posts 🙂 )

What businesses does Crozet need?

Bonus points if the “needed” business is economically viable.

Piedmont Place in Downtown Crozet is the first mover in the “create a new place/space in Crozet.”

Publicly confirmed tenants in Piedmont Place
  1. Smoked BBQ
  2. The Roof Top 22932
  3. Blue Ridge Bottle Shop
  4. Morsel Compass
  5. An ice cream or yogurt place
  6. Yoga studio

Yesterday brought the news and images of the coming-soon Old Trail commercial space.

Old Trail Commercial center

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5 Replies to “Plans for next Phase of Old Trail Commercial Area Released”

  1. If I am not mistaken, I think a butcher shop has been confirmed at the new Piedmont Place, right?

  2. The 15K square footage on the ground floor is configurable. I’d like to see a hobby shop staffed to do repairs on model trains. Does not need a lot of space for inventory given web-ordering. I love Rail Tales in Cville, but it would be great to have a local shop.

  3. An email commenter:

    “Thanks for the reminders of past comments. I’ve been around Crozet since 1983. Moved here permanently from NoVa in 1997. Just retired ….

    I’m devoted to Parkway, I love the IGA (it will always be the IGA to me) and the hardware store defines what a hardware store is supposed to be.
    Retail I’d love to see: bakery with GF options, Blue Ridge Brewery kind of restaurant, UPS store, italian restaurant, better sitdown mexican restaurant (sorry Cocina del Sol, you’ve gone downhill for the money).

    I echo many previous opinions regarding business: We need high speed internet. We need more daycare/ after school options for children up to driving age. We need office space and parking for individuals, startups and small businesses – perhaps also shared spaces and/or services to reduce cost and overhead. Would shuttle service around Crozet developments to get people to their Crozet places of employment be attractive?

    What surveys have been conducted to assess the employment and education demographics of our community? What industries best fit these demographics and are they what Crozet envisions? My experience with Economic Development has been that it requires very active involvement at the grassroots level.”

    1. I have 15 years of commercial brewing experience and am interested in opening a “Blue Ridge Brewery kind of restaurant” in Crozet/Ivy as referred to in the post above. I’ve got a successful restaurant partner with over 30 years of experience, running restaurants of all shapes and sizes. We have capital, but have struggled to lock down a perfect location in the area. I am intrigued by this new prospect, but uncertain that the Old Trail community is large enough to support this. If the community would truly support a brewpub serving the area’s highest quality food and beer, operated by experienced owners, I’d love to hear from residents. I’d also love to hear what type of menu the community wants the most.

  4. What about a small “green grocery”. Mostly local products but most essentials as well. Say 1500 to 3000 square feet.

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