Crozet Express Results


Last month, the coming Crozet Express asked for feedback from Crozetians. 98 responded (that seems to me to be a shockingly small response rate).

1 – Here’s the original story about the Crozet Express.

2 – With so many crashes on 64, a bus seems to make sense (if people will use it).

If you’re curious, dig into the results at the Crozet Express site or download the pdf here.


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One Reply to “Crozet Express Results”

  1. 1. Lets see, people like and prefer to drive.

    2. Even buses crash. I believe you were complaining about Rt 250 at one time.

    3. Bus service already exists to Charlottesville, It is far from being overridden.

    Why do you want the BOS involved? If there really is demand
    the opportunity will arise. And, who will donate the land for parking?? Bus service to Crozet & Ivy might make more sense
    but, I doubt there is a thrill for it there either…

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